Welcome to Stop and Fly

Stop and Fly, off Larnaca Airport Car park is a family run business, operating all year round, 24 hours a day. Being in the car storage business since 1997, has given us all the necessary tools to provide you with added convenience, flexibility and service. We understand that most people are looking for a good mix of ‘value’ and ‘convenience’ and when it comes to pre-booked parking, we are the experts! All our customers are VIP-treated!

With us, you don’t need to spend a great deal of time and effort searching for car parks and paying over the odds! All you have to do on the day you fly, is get in your car, travel to the Airport, and then just ‘Stop and Fly’ in a complete peace of mind, knowing that your property is being well looked after. Upon your arrival, just walk outside the terminal and find your car there expecting you!

We offer covered and uncoverd parking options, either way providing you with the right security. All our car parks are secured in numerous ways. A number of extra services are also available, like car wash, road tax renewal etc.